UPDATE 2: A patch is available to fix the identified issues. You will need to apply this patch to www/openid.inc for this version to work. Alternative, version 0.7.4 will be released as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Currently users have reported problems installing and using version 0.7.3. It is advised that you remain with version 0.7.2 until the issues are resolved.

Beta version 0.7.3 of SimpleID, a simple, personal OpenID provider written in PHP, has been released.

Version 0.7.3 is a maintenance release which fixes various reported issues. There are no new features implemented in this release.

Upgrading to version 0.7.3 is strongly recommended. To download, go to the download page.

Please note that SimpleID releases are currently in beta. This means that while the software may work, it may also have gaping security holes and other nasty bugs. Use at your own risk.