The WebFinger protocol is the discovery protocol used by OpenID Connect.


The WebFinger protocol is implemented in the SimpleID\Protocols\WebFinger\WebFingerModule module. This module is enabled by default.

User configuration

In order to use the WebFinger protocol, at least one of the following values must exist in the user file:

  1. webfinger.acct

Either of these values can be used to identify the e-mail (mailto:) or acct: address belonging to the user. The domain of this address must be the same as the domain of the SimpleID installation.

For example, if SimpleID is installed at

    acct: ""

Client configuration


Other configuration

URL rewrite

The SimpleID WebFinger endpoint URI is /.well-known/webfinger. This is the same as the endpoint URI specified in the WebFinger protocol.

However, if SimpleID is installed in a subdirectory instead of the root, you will need to rewrite or redirect the URI to the SimpleID WebFinger endpoint. For example, if you have installed SimpleID into you will need to redirect to

Cross-origin requests

The WebFinger module supports a single configuration variable, webfinger_access_control_allow_origin, which can be set in config.php. This variable specifies the Access-Control-Allow-Origin header to be returned on WebFinger queries.