You can manage your SimpleID profile by going directly to your SimpleID server's URL.

If you have logged into an application or a web site via SimpleID during your browser's session, you will be taken directly to the dashboard. Alternatively, you can log into SimpleID directly from this URL.

My Profile

The My Profile page contains some basic information about you.

Different modules may also provide additional information on your profile on this page.

My Apps

The My Apps tab contains a list of all the apps and web sites you have logged in using SimpleID. For each app, SimpleID stores two types of data:

  • some technical information about the app itself (e.g. what OpenID features the app supports), and
  • your preferences on what information should be sent to the site when you log in.

Removing an app

Removing an app will revoke whatever permission you have given it to access your information. The next time you wish to login through the app you will need to provide permission again.

To remove an app from the list, click the Delete button next to the name of the app.