To log in into an OpenID-enabled site:

  1. You should see an OpenID log in box on your site, which should look like the following.

    OpenID login box

  2. Type your identifier URL and submit the form. The site will now contact your SimpleID server to establish a secure connection. Depending on the speed of your web server, this may take about half a minute.

  3. If you have not logged into SimpleID, SimpleID will ask you to do so.

  4. When you log into an OpenID-enabled site for the first time, you will be presented with a page that is similar to the following.

    Site login page

    The page will vary depending the extensions you have installed.

  5. To continue logging in to the site, click OK. The site will then become one of your trusted sites.

    If you select the Automatically send my information to this site for any future requests check box, this page won't appear again the next time you log in to this site.

Some sites require you to log into SimpleID before logging into the site.

You can only log in to each SimpleID installation as one user (and so one OpenID identifier) at any one time.