SimpleID has the ability to support “extensions”. Extensions are PHP files containing code which extends the functionality of SimpleID. The code within extensions follow a set of conventions which allows SimpleID to call them during key parts of the OpenID authentication process.

The main purpose of SimpleID extensions is to provide a way in which to implement OpenID extensions. However, the system is flexible enough for SimpleID extensions to function in other ways.

Extensions are named name.extension.php, where name is the name of the extension. Each extension resides in its own directory underneath the extensions subdirectory of the SimpleID web directory (www).

If you want to write your own extensions, see the developer web site.

Installing and uninstalling extensions

Installing an extension

To install an extension:

  1. If the extension is not included in the default SimpleID distribution:

    1. Extract the archive containing the extension into a temporary directory

    2. Move the contents of the www directory (including any subdirectories) into the web directory.

  2. To enable the extension, edit the SIMPLEID_EXTENSIONS configuration option in the config.php file and add the name of the extension. Separate multiple extensions with commas.

If the version of SimpleID you originally installed was before 0.5, the SIMPLEID_EXTENSIONS configuration option may not exist in your file. You can add it in manually.

Uninstalling an extension

To uninstall an extension

  1. Edit the SIMPLEID_EXTENSIONS configuration option in the config.php file and delete the name of the extension.

  2. You can also delete the extension file from the web directory. This is an optional process.